+ How easily can I move them around on site?

Our portable buildings are built to be just that. If you intend to move them around the site from time to time, we recommend we fit the chassis with a double central axel that offers stability and manoverabliliy. As these buildings are solidly built, we put pneumatic tyres on the chassis to make them easy to pull and turn – far easier to move than a Shepard’s Hut with their cast iron wheels! They can be moved with almost any car with a tow hitch. But ideally, your engine will be at of at least 2.5 litres in size.
If you envisage that you will not move the building once sited, we can deliver it to you on a trailer and you can save on the axels and have legs instead.

+ Can I tow one on the road?

Yes. Although these are NOT touring caravans on account of their size and weight, we can (and do) build them for road travel. We can build them on a road legal trailer if required. This is more expensive (contact us to see price structure) on account of the additional requirements. They have been designed and built to the maximum legal height, width, and length allowed to be towed on a road by a regular car without the requirement of an escort.
They are fun to tow and we tow ours hundreds of miles with our Land Rover. However, it is a job for a patient person, as we recommend sticking under 45 MPH at all times.

+ How do I maintain it?

We take the maximum care to deliver to you a building with a long life ahead of it. All external woodwork is painted with a professional weather-proof paint system, or varnished with a specific product to protect other paint types. The chassis is fully galvanised, and the polyester coated corrugated tin is given an additional coat of JOTAN yacht paint to protect it. We recommend repainting the woodwork and door(s) every 3-5 years to maintain optimum protection. The painted tin would benefit from a repaint every 10-12 years. See SPECIFICATION for more details.

+ Do I have to keep it undercover during the winter months?

No. These building have been built to withstand the English weather. We have put them to the test here in wet old Cornwall. Of course, it you have a covered area, or tarporling that you wish to use, this does help avoid a big clean up job in the Spring and will elongate the periods between the external wood repaints. See CARE for more details.

+ How do I choose an interior design?

If we are building a tabernacle to your specification (you are not buying one prebuilt) you have the option to choose the layout and decoration. This will be done in close consultation with us. We can show you what layouts we have done to date, and provide you with images of other practical layouts. Or if you have your own design, we can work to that. The benefit of working with a small company is that we have the flexibility to work very closely with you towards finishing it to your exact specifications and style. See INTERIOR DECORATION for more details and contact us for a price structure.

+ Using reclaimed architectural salvage

This is the ‘bespoke’ element of your buildings structure and helps set it apart from any other. We can discuss windows and doors in detail and then go out and find them for you. Or you may have something that you would like us to incorporate into the building, or you may choose something we have in our stored treasures. It is also possible to choose an item from our retail partner, LASSCO, and have the item(s) incorporated into the design.
Alternatively, we may have an item for sale with vintage doors and windows. Please contact us for details, or see the CURRENTLY AVAILABLE tab.