Who we are

This is a small family business run by Dan and Anna together with their son Victor. Daniel was a Falmouth Art School graduate, Anna has a design and manufacturing background having founded Bas Bleu Lingerie at the end of the 90s. During her 10 years as a lingerie designer, Anna designed and produced collections for Selfridges, Debenhams, Victoria’s Secret and Liberty before becoming a main designer and supplier to Top Shop. Victor is a key team member and always has lots to say about the design of new caravans, as well as, being good at cleaning them to earn his pocket money.
Lovelane FamilyOur love affair with caravans and vintage vehicles started many years ago with the use of the family’s old Mercedes campervan. Its sad sale kick started the idea of Love Lane Caravans – a vintage campsite – that we ran for several years – starting shortly after the arrival of Victor (who is now 6 years old).
As pioneers of this exciting development in campsite style, we were featured in The Guardian in 2009 with many articles in style and travel magazines to follow. see our PRESS. We bought and renovated at least 14 or so caravans and buses before realising that we needed to build our own in order to obtain an easy to maintain, comfortable, vintage trailer with unique style. We built our first design; the tin tabernacles, last year and are now developing new designs. We offer bespoke interiors to order. We are very enthusiastic about this new direction as it’s the ‘hands on making of things’ that is truly in our blood.